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East Oak Lane is a neighborhood in the Northern section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Most of the houses in the neighborhood are large single homes or twins built at a later period than much of central North Philadelphia. There is also a fair share of typical Philadelphia rowhouses.
In the late 19th century, this area was considered a resort. A walk through the section between 65th Ave. & 69th Ave. East of Broad Street will reveal a multitude of architechtural styles, especially along Oak Lane itself. At 12th & Oak Lane is Ellwood School, present building built 1957 (in the shape of an “L”, but the original schoolhouse was a hexagon). Farther East, the almost fantastic diversity of the homes is what makes this area so unique. Across the railroad, a row of shops, most built later, gives the impression of a small town “Main Street”. Today, East Oak Lane is known for being racially and ethnically diverse.

West Oak Lane is a neighborhood in the Northwest Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. It is located between East Mount Airy, Cheltenham, Montgomery County, and East Oak Lane. West Oak Lane is one of Philadelphia’s middle class African American communities. The area known as Ogontz is widely held to be a section of West Oak Lane. In 2005, the 19126 zip code, which contains West Oak Lane, had a median home sale price of $113,200. This was a 34% increase over the median price in 2004.